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New kitchen planner

A brand new kitchen will take approximate 6-8 weeks to manufacture and 3 days to install for a standard-sized kitchen. After completing thousands of projects, we believe it is very important to have a plan to guide you through a successful kitchen renovation.

  • Set realistic goals
  • Envision your end-goal. Gather pictures and design ideas. what are your must-haves.
  • Create your budget
  • Come up with a budget that is realistic to what you can afford.
  • Order Appliances
  • Appliances sizes affect cabinet sizes. Communicate any appliance, before ordering cabinets to confirm that they will fit with your final design.
  • Talk to us
  • Will help you translate your ideas and inspiration into a beautiful and functional kitchen.
    After discussing your must-haves, and budget, we will create an initial design which you can revise until it matches your vision and goals.
    At this time you will choose colours, door styles, materials and hardware.

Cabinet Maintenance

Our products are built to give you many years of enjoyment. Please keep in mind however, that heat and moisture are dangers to be aware of. Always wipe off excess moistures and be careful with heat sources.
Never use abrasive or corrosive products on your cabinets.
Wood and MDF doors require care and attention. Water can damage the lacquered finish.
Clean with mild soap and water solution, with a slightly dampened cloth. Any oil spots, finger marks or dirt spots will be removed by softly wiping with your dampened cloth.
Wood products damages by excess moisture are not covered under warranty.

  • Helpful tips
  • Only use a clean, soft, lint-free cloth.
    Clean glass by spraying cleaner on cloth not on the door as chemicals may go in the wood.
    Clean up and dry spills immediately.
    Over time cabinets may endure scratches or damage. Touch up markers or fill sticks sold at hardware stores can cover up most damages.
    Avoid leaving damped cloths on doors and cabinets.
    Don’t wax and polish cabinets.
    Do not use any type of chemical on cabinets.